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Plumbing repairs can be simple or complex so understanding basic information will help you to determine which plumbing company will meet your needs. Here you will find answers to most asked questions, giving you knowledge that will help in understanding your plumbing repairs.

Do you give free estimates?
We charge $50.00 to come out & evaluate problems so we can give you an exact price.

What is your hourly rate?
We do not charge by the hour, we charge by the job.

Why can’t you give me an estimate over the phone?
Not all jobs are the same, so we like to see the problem first so we can give you an exact price for repairs.

If I agree to have the work done, does the trip charge get applied to the repairs?
It is not applied since the trip charge is to send a licensed plumber & a fully stocked truck to you home prepared to make any repairs necessary.



If I agree to have the work done, can the plumber do it right then?
Yes, in most cases he can. There are times when a repair will take longer & cannot be made the same day.

If I have multiple plumbing problems can the plumber look at all of them?
Yes. However it is very helpful to let the office know all the problems you would like evaluated when you call in to make the appointment. This way we can be prepared to make the repairs when we arrive so there is not a scheduling conflict with the next customer.

Are all of your plumbers licensed?
Yes, all of our plumbers are licensed in the State of Texas.

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